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Haley LoBello, LCSW

Because You Can LLC
Therapy Sessions


Individual Child 

I support children in navigating symptoms of anxiety, depression and social challenges through evidence based skill building and strengths based approaches.


Individual Adolescent Psychotherapy

I build strong relationships with adolescents and implement an array of interventions through a collaborative problem solving method. 



I recognize that working with the family system is imperative in client success. 


Group Therapy

Creating an environment for kids and teens to connect and thrive is a focal part of my practice. I facilitate groups to provide a safe and structured space. 

My Approach

I understand the importance of creating a strong therapeutic relationship. I approach this work with empathy, compassion, and a light-hearted personality. I create a safe, nurturing environment for my clients. Every client is different, thus receives individualized care and interventions.


Dependent upon developmental age, I use a combination of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), play therapy, mindfulness, evidence based interventions and bibliotherapy to help clients cope with anxiety, self-esteem, life transitions, school challenges, and day-to-day stressors.

About me

At the core, I value family, friends, connecting with diverse populations, quality time with loved ones, being outside and taking care of my puppy, Ravioli!

I am a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW) and a certified school social worker in the state of CT. I utilize a strength-based approach to support individuals through effectively navigating, exploring, and coping with their feelings in an authentic way.


I have experience working with children, adolescents, young adults and their families across a wide range of clinical settings.

Success as a therapist is not found in doing something for the client, but rather in being something for the client.

 -Lliamaris Rivera Walter, PhD,

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